On a mission from God…



Beginning tomorrow morning, Saturday June 20, I’ll be with a team from our church in Dallas to support a school in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. My access to Internet will be very limited, so I will not be posting while I’m away. I’ll return to this blog by July 1.

In case you don’t know, Juarez is a dangerous place. In fact, it comes in at #4 in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world by PEI Magazine. Here’s what the magazine says about Ciudad Juarez,

“The city of Ciudad Juarez is pretty much the capital of drug trafficking of Mexico and Central America. A quick search on Google reveals hundreds of recent headlines involving cartels and organized crime, making the city extremely unappealing for outsiders. The really sad part is that corruption runs rampant throughout the city, with police officers and officials doing little to put an end to the violence any time soon.”

Sometimes the gospel calls us to dangerous places. The number of people, families, children who are impacted for a lifetime via this ministry are many. Please pray we will be a blessing to the people of Ciudad Juarez – and be blessed by them.

3 thoughts on “On a mission from God…

  1. thejoyofthelord

    Bless you, Sir – we will keep you and your team in our prayers. Be bold, be brave – for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!

  2. TC

    Blessings to all the volunteers who are demonstrating our call to serve our brothers in need without counting the cost to oneself. A special shout out to the group from Rejoice Lutheran! Pax!

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