Reading God’s word… together…



1 Thessalonians 2:13 We (the apostle Paul and his team) also constantly give thanks to God for this, that when you received the word of God that you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word but as what it really is, God’s word, which is also at work in you believers.

Ever wonder if what you’re doing is making a difference? Sometimes it’s hard to know. Life can feel like a grind – working to get from one day to the next. Know what I mean?

Paul endured all kinds of hardship for the sake of his ministry of the gospel. And while we read of people who responded positively to his message of salvation in Jesus Christ, many people rejected it. And rejected Paul in the process. And when you’re being rejected over and over, it’s hard to keep going. One can lose heart and give up.

But every once in a while, God will pull the curtain back and show you that your efforts are not in vain.

Got me thinking about this blog. I’m grateful for this vehicle to reflect on scripture each day and share it with you. But understand that the greater value in reading this blog is not so much reading my reflections, but reading the passages of scripture that are its basis. My words don’t amount to much, but God’s word will transform you from the inside out.

Thanks for being here.

Gracious God, thank you for your word that changes lives. Give us grace to open ourselves to be touched by your word each day. Amen.

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