Breaking free of sin and death…



Scripture: Jeremiah 3: 4 (God said to his people through the prophet Isaiah) “Have you not just now called to me, “My Father, you are the friend of my youth— 5 will he be angry forever, will he be indignant to the end?” This is how you have spoken, but you have done all the evil that you could.

Observation: God’s people have been crying out in their distress. Their many years of unfaithfulness are catching up with them as God withdraws his protection from them. Yet, while the people are in genuine trouble, their evil ways have not fundamentally changed. They utter words of contrition, but not acts of contrition.

Application: As God’s people insisted on maintaining their evil ways, I wonder how I do the same. Even when I know they’re not good for me. The ways of sin that plagued God’s people in ancient times plague me as well. And, I’m guessing, you too. Why? Because it’s part of our fallen, sinful nature.

However, God has now given us the power of the Holy Spirit, the presence of God living in us, to conquer sin and death forever. In our own power we cannot break free, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let that be a word of good news today sisters and brothers. We may be bound, but we can break free…

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you came into this world to save us from sin and death forever. Give us grace to break free of the bondages that keep us from the life you desire for us. Amen.

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