Starting our day with the Lord…



Psalm 112:1 Praise the Lord! Happy are those who fear the Lord, who greatly delight in his commandments….4 They rise in the darkness as a light for the upright; they are gracious, merciful, and righteous.

I particularly noticed “they rise in the darkness as a light for the upright” part of the passage. As I look outside right now the sun has not yet come up. I don’t always write this early in the morning, but I generally write first thing in the morning – before I get on to other things in my day.

I’ve tried reading scripture and praying at other times of the day, but it’s never really worked for me. I think there is something about starting one’s day with the Lord. It’s like giving to the Lord a tithe of the day – right off the top. It helps us to align ourselves toward the Kingdom rather than the world around us, a world that often draws us away from God.

Thank you for joining me here this morning. Expect to be blessed today.

Heavenly Father the practice of reading scripture, reflecting, then praying is an important discipline for us, one modeled for us by our Lord Jesus. Give us grace to be faithful in this time with you. Amen.

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