Contentment blossoms…



Habakkuk 2: 4 Look at the proud! Their spirit is not right in them, but the righteous live by their faith. 5 Moreover, wealth is treacherous; the arrogant do not endure. They open their throats wide as Sheol; like Death they never have enough.

Interesting image here from the prophet Habakkuk. Verse 5 in particular got my attention. There are some people of wealth – the “arrogant” – who “like Death never have enough”.

It’s important to note that wealth in and of itself is not evil, but it is “treacherous”. It poses dangers, particularly dangers to one’s character and spiritual well-being. This is particularly true for God’s people, including you and me.

We can experience God’s blessings as if they are our own doing rather than gifts of God.

Thus, when we forget from whom all blessings flow (think the Doxology), we take credit for ourselves. And since blessing is then separated from gratitude, we figure we deserve it. We worked hard for this! And in our growing arrogance, the natural consequence is that contentment and peace are elusive. We want MORE. We become those who “like Death never have enough”. The appetites are never satisfied because contentment is an internal spiritual reality rather than a product of our external circumstances.

This week I’ve been thinking about, and praying about, a spirit of gratitude. I am so blessed in so many ways, as I expect are most of you. This is not to say that my life is free of challenges and struggles. It most certainly is not. However, I have much to be thankful for.

When the Lord gives me grace to focus on what is right, rather than what is wrong, the world looks very different. Peace comes. Gratitude comes. And contentment blossoms like a flower in springtime. Pray with me.

Heavenly Father, you are very good to us. Every gift we have, and there are many, comes from you. Give us grace today to not be spoiled by our “wealth”, but to be blessed by it as is your intention. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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