It’s out of my hands…



Scripture: Psalm 38:12 Those who seek my life lay their snares; those who seek to hurt me speak of ruin, and meditate treachery all day long. 13 But I am like the deaf, I do not hear; like the mute, who cannot speak. 14 Truly, I am like one who does not hear, and in whose mouth is no retort. 15 But it is for you, O Lord, that I wait; it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer.

Observation: This psalm is attributed to King David. As one who was literally a king, David had lots of resources at his disposal. Yet, in this case, he either chose not to confront his enemies or he was not capable of confronting his enemies. Instead, he waited upon the Lord to act on his behalf.

Application: I’ve been spending time with a dear friend whose husband is in the hospital, and whose prognosis is uncertain. As would be true of any wife, she wants so badly to help. If she could, she would nurse him back to health – but that’s just not possible right now. She wants to DO SOMETHING, but all she can do is wait, and watch, and pray. It’s out of her hands at this point.

Ever been in that situation, when the stakes are high and it’s out of your hands? It’s an awful feeling really because we’d like to think we can control outcomes in life. And many times we can, but not always. And when we are confronted with the limits of our humanity, we do as the psalmist did. We cry out. We pray. We wait upon the Lord. Who is our only hope.

Prayer: Lord, hear the groaning of your people struggling with burdens too heavy to bear. Help us in our times of helplessness. Teach us to wait upon you for, while there are often things in life that are out of our hands, nothing is ever out of yours. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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