Dark nights of the soul…



Scripture: Psalm 74:1 O God, why do you cast us off forever? Why does your anger smoke against the sheep of your pasture? 2 Remember your congregation, which you acquired long ago, which you redeemed to be the tribe of your heritage. Remember Mount Zion, where you came to dwell. 3 Direct your steps to the perpetual ruins the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary.

Observation: The writer laments the destruction of the temple of God, which was the result of Israel’s disobedience. To the writer it seemed God had “cast us off forever”.

Application: To young people, everything lasts “forever”. But as we get older, things tend to speed up. My younger daughter will be a senior in high school next year. She’s very much looking forward to going to college. To her, another year sounds like a really long time. To me and her mom, it will be over in an instant. It’s a matter of perspective.

I mentioned this in a recent blog post, but to God (the eternal Alpha and Omega) “many years” comes and goes in the blink of an eye. It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it? Just as was true for God’s people in the days of the psalmist, the same is true for us. Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give us grace to endure the dark nights of the soul – which can seem to last forever. Amen.

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