Good soil…


Luke 8:5 “A sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed, some fell on the path and was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up. 6 Some fell on the rock; and as it grew up, it withered for lack of moisture. 7 Some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew with it and choked it. 8 Some fell into good soil, and when it grew, it produced a hundredfold.” As he said this, he called out, “Let anyone with ears to hear listen!” 

Jesus tells a parable to teach a valuable lesson. Later in the chapter he explains that the “seed” is the word of God. Many times the word is shared, but does not bear fruit in people for various reasons. However, “good soil” represents those who hear the word of God and keep it, so that it produces a great “hundredfold” increase. How does this happen in practical terms?

Faith is not something given by God to be kept in a private sphere and nurtured within oneself. Faith is something to be shared as God gives us opportunity. I’ve mentioned before in this space that I write this blog principally as a means of being accountable for maintaining the spiritual discipline of reading the word, reflecting on it, writing about it, and praying. 

However, a secondary reason to blog is to give God the opportunity to take what has been given to me and multiply it into others. Granted, there are many people who blog much better than I do. Yet I trust that God takes my meager offering and adds a load of grace so that it’s somehow useful to others, at least from time to time. It’s not about me, really, but about God using what I offer to bless others. 

You don’t have to write a blog to multiply the word God shares with you. If you’ll open yourself to the possibility, the Lord will regularly give you opportunities to speak to others what you’ve received, to pray for others a prayer God gives to you, and so on. Maybe for you it’s better to write things than speak them. That’s fine too. However, here’s one thing I know for sure:

The more willing you are to share what the Lord gives you, the more the Lord will give you to share with others. 

This is a fundamental principle of God’s Kingdom. The more you give away, the more you receive to give. This applies with the word of God, with money, with time, with forgiveness, and so on. Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we all want to be good soil. And by your grace, we can not only receive what you give to us, but multiply it by sharing it with others – via spoken words, written words, or other means. Let it be so, O God. Amen.

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