War room mentality…



Scripture: Psalm 119: 23 Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statutes. 24 Your decrees are my delight, they are my counselors.

Observation: King David had  powerful enemies – from within and without his kingdom. As he says in v.23 “princes sit plotting against me”. This is not a surprise as there were always those seeking to usurp the throne. What is surprising is how David chose to respond to plotting enemies. Instead of plotting his own elaborate defense, he meditated on the decrees of God. He worshipped. And prayed. And meditated on the Word of God… while his enemies schemed. David realized that it was God the Father who had given him the throne in the first place. Therefore, those who plotted against David weren’t really plotting against a human king at all, but against God himself. As such, they were bound to fail.

Application: I marvel at the incredible faith David illustrates for us in this psalm, and I’m trying to learn to be more like him. Being a leader is hard. Whether at home, at work, at school, even in the church – being a leader often makes us a target. There are those who will second-guess your decisions, question your competence, sabotage your plans. Some will even seek to replace you if they can. And perhaps worst of all, they will often scheme in secret – undermining you behind your back rather than to your face.

Some of you are dealing with this sort of thing right now. I know the feeling.

Today the psalmist reminds us how we might respond to threats on our leadership. Rather than scheme and plot a defense, we can turn to the Lord – and depend on him to do two things:

  1. Show us areas where we need to improve. Let’s face it, some complaints are legitimate. Even great leaders make mistakes from time to time. Seeking the Lord in prayer and in the Word puts us in a posture of humility, where we can hear constructive criticism learn from our mistakes.
  2. Defend us against those who wrongly accuse us and plot against us. If we are serving at the Lord’s pleasure, then those who oppose us aren’t opposing us at all. They are opposing the Lord.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, as leaders we often come under attack in ways large and small. And when this happens, it’s tempting to take on a war room mentality – defending ourselves and plotting our defense. Give us grace today to trust you first and foremost to be our protector from those who would seek to harm us. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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