Scripture: Psalm 142:1 With my voice I cry to the LORD;  with my voice I make supplication to the LORD. 2 I pour out my complaint before him; I tell my trouble before him. 3 When my spirit is faint, you know my way. In the path where I walk  they have hidden a trap for me. 4 Look on my right hand and see — there is no one who takes notice of me; no refuge remains to me; no one cares for me.

Observation: This psalm is written by David before he became king. At the time of this writing David was running from his predecessor King Saul. Saul recognized that David was favored of God instead of himself so he sought to kill David. He almost caught him. You can hear the voice of desperation in this psalm since David had NO HOPE apart from God. None. But God answered David’s prayer and kept him safe. David’s situation looked awful at the moment – but deliverance would come and much blessing thereafter.

Application: One of the realities of getting older is… survival. What do I mean? Well, when you’ve been around for several decades you go through some stuff along the way, which brings perspective. You come to realize that things can look pretty scary at a given moment, but often have a way of working themselves out. Things often aren’t as bad as they seem.

That’s what I’m getting from David in our passage for today. He’s been running for his life and appears to be trapped – by a king with every resource known to man at his disposal. Doomed. Ah, but then there’s God who hears David’s prayers and saves him from certain death. There is no trap from which our God cannot free you.

Maybe this is a word for you today. The optics of your life are… not good. Problems before you, obstacles behind you, and no apparent way out. I’ve been there. More than once. It…sucks. But be reminded, dear sister/brother, there is always hope when we place our trust in the Lord of heaven and earth. Let’s pray together.

Prayer: Dear God – help! Seriously. Amen.

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