Dark days…



Scripture: Job 14;1 “A mortal, born of woman, few of days and full of trouble, 2 comes up like a flower and withers, flees like a shadow and does not last. 3 Do you fix your eyes on such a one? Do you bring me into judgment with you? 4 Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one can. 5 Since their days are determined, and the number of their months is known to you, and you have appointed the bounds that they cannot pass, 6 look away from them, and desist, that they may enjoy, like laborers, their days.”

Observation: Job is talking about the apparent futility of life. Life is short and difficult to begin with. Job says to God, “Do you fix your eyes on such a one?” (v.3) In other words, do we humans also have to deal with God looking over our shoulders every moment ready to punish us for our sins? It’s too much to deal with. However, what Job does not know at this point in the story is that his life is about to get better. Much better. If he can just hold on.

Application: When we’re in a difficult season of life, such as one illustrated by the story of Job, it’s understandable to lose hope. None of us has endured suffering as deep and wide as Job, but if you’re an adult you’ve probably been through some pretty rough stuff nonetheless. There have certainly been times in my life when I felt I was getting hit from all sides. Health problems. Relationship problems. Vocational problems. Financial problems. Spiritual problems. There have been times when my life has been pretty awful.

And in those times I’ve asked myself, “Is this ever going to end? Will things ever get better? Will I be happy again?” These are difficult questions when there’s no relief in sight. But, in every case, relief was on the way – I just didn’t know it yet.

Some of you are in that place today. You’re getting it from all sides. You’re running short on hope, about to give up. Hang in there dear brother/sister. The Lord has never left you and will not start today. Better days lie ahead.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, be present with us in our darkest days. Help us to endure so that we might see the light of hope once more. Amen.

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