Proverbs 20:4 The lazy person does not plow in season; harvest comes, and there is nothing to be found.

The first word that caught my attention in this verse is “lazy”, as in someone who is too lazy to grow a crop. But that’s not what the verse actually says. It’s not that the person doesn’t plow, it’s that the person doesn’t plow “in season”. There are certain rhythms to God’s creation. There are the seasons of the year. There is day and night. There is heat and cold. One who plants a crop but doesn’t respect these patterns of creation pays a price.

People have rhythms/seasons too. For me, summer is ideally a time when my work activity slows a bit. When I do this well, I take my foot off the gas and enjoy a much-needed breather. But there is always the temptation to ignore this season and try to produce instead of rest. It’s a mistake, and I know it, but the temptation is there.

In a somewhat related vein, today is Memorial Day – a day when we remember men and women of our nation’s history who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. So many young people never had the chance to live the full seasons of life. Today I particularly remember by great uncle Charles who was killed in action in Anzio, Italy in 1944. The picture is the newspaper clipping announcing his death.

Charles (or “Carlos” as he was known to my family) was the older brother of my grandmother Teresa. Many decades later my grandmother could not speak of his death without crying. She would tell of how the family received the telegram on Mother’s Day of 1944. What a terrible day. It was a crushing blow to our family, and one repeated many times all across this nation. Unfortunately, as long as ours is a free nation, there will be those who pay with their lives.

Heavenly Father, may these young persons killed in times of war rest in peace with You. Amen.

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