Times of struggle…



Jeremiah 20: 7 O LORD, you have enticed me, and I was enticed; you have overpowered me, and you have prevailed. I have become a laughingstock all day long; everyone mocks me. 

Jeremiah was a prophet of God, chosen at an early age to speak truth to the Israelites. Unfortunately, most of what Jeremiah had to say was hard to hear. In this verse Jeremiah offers a word of lament to God, describing a bit of the persecution he endured from the very people he was trying to serve.

Jeremiah was clearly one favored by God, but endured great hardship nonetheless. 

Most of us tend to think that if God is for us he will spare us great hardship and suffering. Several passages in the bible suggest this to be true (Psalm 91 comes to mind). But the reality is that following the Lord will often make life more difficult, not less.

Lord Jesus, you teach us in scripture that the way to save our life is to lose it. Some of us feel like we’re losing our lives right now. We’re struggling mightily in many and various ways. Give us grace to keep the faith when hope is hard to find. We ask this in your holy name. Amen.

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