The illusion of security



Jeremiah 49: 31 Rise up, advance against a nation at ease,  that lives secure,  says the LORD, that has no gates or bars, that lives alone. 32 Their camels shall become booty,  their herds of cattle a spoil. I will scatter to every wind those who have shaven temples, and I will bring calamity against them from every side, says the LORD. 

Jeremiah was speaking of calamity that was about the befall the nation of Kedar, which was “a nation at ease, that lives secure…that has no gates or bars”. In the ancient world nations were continually attacking one another, which is why most cities had walls to protect them. The fact that Kedar did not speaks volumes. In their minds they were untouchable. Turns out they were wrong.

For most of my life the US has had this kind of confidence, believing ourselves to be untouchable. Then came the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 and our illusion of security was shattered. Since then security measures have increased exponentially. An entire new department of federal government was created, Homeland Security. Our scrutiny of those entering our borders has gone way, way up.

This morning I’m reminded that, while prudent security measures are generally a good idea, our hope is not in these things. Instead, our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ – who died and rose that we might have eternal life. Because we know this life is not the end, we need not live in fear as others do. There is something much greater than our current reality awaiting us.

Lord give us grace to live, not with a spirit of fear but with a spirit of boldness and confidence in our place with you. Amen.

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