The whole earth shakes…



Hebrews 12:26 At that time (God’s) voice shook the earth; but now he has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heaven.” 27 This phrase, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of what is shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and awe; 29 for indeed our God is a consuming fire. 

Here the writer is using imagery similar to an earthquake. The whole earth shakes, man-made structures come down, all that is left of some buildings – is the foundation. It’s a great metaphor really.

I see Christian culture being shaken right now. For almost 2,000 years Christianity held a place of privilege in Western culture. Churches were considered an important place to be, if not out of a sense of genuine worship than as an important place to be seen. There was a cultural cache associated with church membership. Sundays were considered sacred for all people. Most public gatherings began with a word of prayer. Nativity scenes were erected on many a town square at Christmas time. No more.

These days people are less interested in our organized religion. There is apathy, even downright hostility, towards Christianity. Mind you, I didn’t say the hostility is directed toward Jesus, but more toward the organized church. It’s the man-made part that is crumbling. But the man-made part is not the foundation.

The kingdom of our triune God – Father, Son, and Spirit – is the foundation. Organized religion may be crumbling but the Lord is most certainly not. Perhaps in this time of cultural earthquakes we Christians can remember who we are and why we’re here.

Heavenly Father, let it be so. Amen.

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