1 Peter 1:22 Now that you have purified your souls by your obedience to the truth so that you have genuine mutual love, love one another deeply from the heart.

I’m interested in the two instances of the word “love” in this verse. While they’re the same word in English they are not in the original Greek language. The first love (genuine mutual love) is from the Greek word “agape” which is the kind of love the Christ shows us. One of my bible dictionaries says of “agape”, “It’s the sort of love characterized by the willing forfeiture of rights or privileges for the sake of another.” It’s love that sacrifices oneself when necessary.

The second love (love one another deeply…) is a translation of the Greek word “philadelphia” which my bible dictionary defines as “affection naturally befitting the relationship between siblings”. Of course, there is a major city in Pennsylvania named Philadelphia which is also known as the “city of brotherly love”.

The implication here is that apage love results in philadelphia love. I guess I’m not sure what that means. This is one of those days when I need to let the scripture verse marinate a bit.

Lord give me grace to perceive what you are trying to tell me this morning. Amen.

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