To whom much is given…



Scripture: Luke 12:48 (Jesus said) From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded. 

Observation: Jesus often taught in parables, which were stories intended to communicate important truths. It wasn’t always easy to understand them, even among the disciples who followed Jesus wherever he went. So Jesus would take them aside and explain the parables to his disciples to be sure they understood the teaching. This would have been quite a privilege. As the verse above suggests, the disciples were given “much”. Much would be expected of them. Fortunately, empowered by God’s spirit which came at after Jesus rose from the tomb, The disciples mostly lived up to the high expectations of them.

Application: I’m a strange person, a clergy person. Considering all the study and training I’ve received related to my Christian faith, I can say I’ve been given “much”. I realize that gift comes with the expectation that, as best I can, I need to share what I’ve been given with others. Some days I think I’m doing okay, some days – not so much. Yet more and more I’m leaning into the call to be a leader who mentors, forms, and shapes other leaders – as I am transformed in the process.

Prayer: Lord you have given me much. You truly have. It’s not that I deserve what I’ve been given, but I acknowledge the gift nonetheless. Give me grace to meet your expectations of me. Amen.

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