Sweet revenge!



Psalm 58: 6 O God, break the teeth in (the mouths of my enemies); tear out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord! …8 Let them be like the snail that dissolves into slime…10 The righteous will rejoice when they see vengeance done; they will bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked.

Wow. My bible calls this psalm “prayer for vengeance” and it is most definitely that. You gotta love the imagery of verse 8! Yet I expect behind the words is someone filled with foreboding. The psalm is credited to King David, who was a very powerful man his own right, so I wonder who got him riled up like this.

Let’s face it, the desire for revenge  is baked into our human DNA. I’ve experienced it and so have you. What I respect most about David is the fact that he clearly leaves the matter to God, though as king might have handled it in his own authority and power. He reserves the right to judgment and punishment to God. I’m not sure I would be as disciplined as David if I had that kind of power – which I don’t. Thank you Lord!


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