Like father… not like son…


Jeremiah 22:11 For thus says the LORD concerning Shallum son of King Josiah of Judah, who succeeded his father Josiah, and who went away from this place: He shall return here no more, 12 but in the place where they have carried him captive he shall die, and he shall never see this land again. 

God is bringing a word of judgment on King Shallum who was the son of King Josiah. Josiah was known as a good and righteous king. He tore down the altars of idols in the land. He treated people fairly and advocated for the poor and the alien. The years of his reign were peaceful and blessed. Not so with his son Shallum, who at the time of this writing was being held captive in Egypt. His reign was short because of his unfaithfulness to God.

One never really knows how a child will conduct him/herself as an adult. I’m sure it would have broken Josiah’s heart to know how far his son had wandered from the ways of God. Makes me think of my own children. Have I taught them well? Have I given them a good example? Will they follow the ways of God? I certain hope and pray they will. Right now it’s too soon to tell, but I am optimistic.

Lord we pray this morning for our children – be they biological children or otherwise. Give us grace to offer an example of faithfulness for our young people, and let the seeds sown into them bear good fruit. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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