Faith with/without miracles…


Hebrews 2 Therefore we (in the church) must pay greater attention to (the gospel of Jesus) we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it… It was declared at first through the Lord (Jesus), and it was attested to us by those who heard him (his disciples), while God added his testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit, distributed according to his will.

That last part in v.4 is important. Then, as now, there were people espousing new philosophies and religions. But for the most part those philosophies and religions had nothing to back them up, nothing to verify they were valid.

But Christianity was different.

Along with the proclamation of the gospel came “signs and wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit”. The Lord still performs miracles, you know. I’ve witnessed several in my lifetime. Some have been healings or casting out demons or things that were obvious WOW miracles. Other miracles have been less fantastic, but no less powerful: relationships reconciled, addictions defeated, jobs found, and so on. It’s true – our God likes to show off from time to time.

The challenge for us is to keep the faith when we don’t see miracles.

That’s the thing about our God. We can’t domesticate him. We can’t turn the working of miracles into a formula. Miracles happen in God’s time, in God’s ways, as God sees fit. Period. There’s no genie to rub nor mantra to recite to get what we want when we want it. In this way we have to make peace with the fact that God is God and we are not.

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for the working of your Spirit in and through us. Give us grace to keep the faith when we see miracles and when we don’t. Give us hearts to always place our trust in you. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

P.S., I’m still sick. Chest cold now. Please pray for me. Lord, do a miracle in me, by your grace. Amen.

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