The sum of your word is truth…


Psalm 119:160 The sum of your word is truth; and every one of your righteous ordinances endures forever.

The psalmist has been emphasizing his complete dependence on the word of God for direction and guidance in the midst of his struggle against faithless people. This is an interesting verse in that vain. If you want to know the truth then know the word of God. Simple. That’s one reason why we take time to read and reflect on scripture every day, right? (BTW I know I’ve missed a few days – sorry)

However, if you actually take the time to read scripture from cover to cover some things become obvious. It’s one thing to read the word of God, but it’s another thing to understand it both in its original context and in its proper application in our world today.

There are places where scripture can be confusing or even contradictory. I can recall many years ago approaching scripture for the very first time expecting the black/white truth – and being disappointed. Mind you, the deficiency is not in the word itself, but in my capacity for understanding, but it’s still does not offer the 2+2=4 kind of simplicity I was looking for.

So this morning I’m reflecting on this verse above. I believe it is a thoroughly correct statement despite my inability to grasp it fully. Yet.

Lord open our minds to understand the truth of your word. Amen.

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