Betrayal and spiritual breathing…


Psalm 55:20 My companion laid hands on a friend and violated a covenant with me
21 with speech smoother than butter, but with a heart set on war; with words that were softer than oil, but in fact were drawn swords.

Betrayal is bad enough, but much worse when it comes from someone you thought was your friend. If you’re an adult you’ve probably experienced this sort of thing. It’s painful. Awful. Hard to forgive. VERY hard to forgive.

“Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”

That’s from the Lord’s Prayer (or the Our Father if you’re Catholic). There is an expectation from the Lord that, having received the grace of forgiveness, we will offer forgiveness to others. I get that in my head, but sometimes it’s hard to bring my heart along.

This morning I’m practicing “spiritual breathing”, which I preached about this past Sunday. If you missed the service (with sermon) and want to check it out you can do so below (sermon starts at about 20 minute mark if you want to skip to it). Anyway, this morning I’m breathing out anger, resentment, wounds from the past – and breathing in grace, peace, forgiveness which the Lord has given to me. Lord, Let it be so. Amen.

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