What are human beings that you regard them?


Psalm 144: 3 O Lord, what are human beings that you regard them, or mortals that you think of them? 4 They are like a breath; their days are like a passing shadow. 

In these verses the psalmist (King David) gives us a bit of awe and wonder. He’s drawing a comparison between our eternal God and humans whose years are relatively few and whose works/efforts disappear in a relative moment. Two thoughts come to mind for me here.

First, I’m thinking about how short life is. The older I get the shorter the years seem to get as well. As a younger man I was always anticipating what comes next. Nowadays I find myself wanting to slow things down. I want to savor life, even in an awful year like 2020. I no longer take for granted that I have years ahead of me because that may or may not be true. I’m learning to be present in the now.

Second, like the psalmist I am astounded that God knows us (you and me) intimately. We are but specks of dust on the landscape of creation; of little consequence in the great scheme of things. And yet God has “regard” for you and me. Actually knows us and loves us. Has a plan and purpose for us, even in our failings and shortcomings. And each day God invites us to join in the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.

Gracious God thank you for your love for us. Help us to make the most of each day, for each day is precious and can never be repeated. Give us grace to live this day well. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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