Continue in the grace of God…


Acts 13:42 As Paul and Barnabas were going out (of the synagogue), the people urged them to speak about these things again the next sabbath. 43 When the meeting of the synagogue broke up, many Jews and devout converts to Judaism followed Paul and Barnabas, who spoke to them and urged them to continue in the grace of God. 

The phrase “continue in the grace of God” catches my eye this morning. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that we are not justified by God through works of the law, but by the grace of God in Christ Jesus – who takes away our sin and gives to us his righteousness and eternal life. V.43 says the ones following Paul and Barnabas were “Jews and devout converts to Judaism”, which means they would have been observers of the Jewish dietary restrictions, purity laws, circumcision, and other things. In other places in scripture these laws and restrictions are described as a burden which weighed heavily on people. Accepting Jesus as Lord meant relief from the straitjacket of the law for these new converts.

Lord Jesus thank you that you offer to us forgiveness of sins and eternal life by grace alone – apart from works of the law. Amen.

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