A downcast spirit dries up the bones…


Proverbs 17: 22 A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones. 

Sometimes I am the one with the downcast spirit, which indeed “dries up the bones”. It sucks the life out of me and makes it hard to see the good things happening all around me. It’s also difficult when I am engaged by a person or persons who possess a downcast spirit. They tend to focus on what’s wrong.

Yesterday was a momentous day in the life of the church I lead as pastor. It was our first day of worship inside the church building in over 14 months. And it was glorious! Many people, myself included, were deeply moved to be back – not just in the a familiar space but with other people who are very important to us. Plus, we continue to see hundreds joining our two livestream services. They represent a digital congregation we didn’t even have before Covid! Blessings all around!

And yet… there were persons who came at me yesterday only noting what was wrong, what they didn’t like. Rather than being joyful on such a special day – they were angry. At first that made me angry. Then my anger turned to sadness. I can only imagine what’s going on inside of persons who cannot enjoy one of the greatest days in the life of our church in many years. What voice must be speaking in their ears to steal their joy? It’s heartbreaking really.

So this morning I am lifting these persons in prayer.

Lord, lift the heaviness that weighs down our souls. Mine and others. Amen.

One thought on “A downcast spirit dries up the bones…

  1. Bj Manke

    My theory is when you get up in the morning thank God for waking you up and ask him to lead you during the day…of course I say my morning prayers and out a smile in my face..take a big breath and go out to serve the Lord. Hugs bj

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