People consoling people…


Psalm 94: 19 When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. 

I’m drawn to the image of God consoling those who mourn. Certainly this is possible via the ministry of the Holy Spirit, which can bring peace in the midst of grief and loss. The bible describes this as “peace that passes understanding”. But I also see God consoling people via other people.

My Uncle Jesse passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. He was a medic in Vietnam and was exposed to agent orange, a known carcinogen. He received care at the VA for years before losing the battle this morning. I have no doubt the Lord will minister to my Aunt Rose and my cousins in their grief. In part this will be done via people like me and others who love them and will support them.

Lord bring peace to those troubled in spirit today. Amen.

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