Where are you God?


Psalm 44: 1 We have heard with our ears, O God, our ancestors have told us, what deeds you performed in their days, in the days of old: 2 you with your own hand drove out the nations, but them you planted; you afflicted the peoples, but them you set free… 9 Yet you have rejected us and abased us, and have not gone out with our armies. 10 You made us turn back from the foe, and our enemies have gotten spoil. 11 You have made us like sheep for slaughter, and have scattered us among the nations. 12 You have sold your people for a trifle, demanding no high price for them. 

You can hear the frustration in the words of the psalmist. On one hand he recalls God’s faithfulness in generations past, but wonders where God is now. More than that, the psalmist accuses God of serious neglect of Israel, “you have rejected us and abased us”… “You made us turn back from the foe”… “You have made us like sheep for slaughter…” “You have sold your people for a trifle”… In later verses of this psalm the writer makes clear that Israel HAS NOT turned away from the Lord. They have remained faithful, so what gives?

This ever happened to you? Ever wondered where the Lord might be when you’re in a difficult place? Me too. And while I know the Lord has not abandoned me or those I love, waiting on the Lord can be agonizing.

Lord give us grace when we are struggling. Especially right now. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Where are you God?

  1. Lyn Zastrow

    But the Israelites were not faithful and suffered the consequences under the old covenant with God. Likewise, for today – did God put us in a difficult place?? or did we do it to ourselves?

    We do know that He has not abandoned us, but the hardest thing to accept is that sometimes the answer isn’t what we want to hear or see.

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